We are now celebrating the St. Paul Winter Carnival.  For 122 years we have embraced our cold winter weather, finding excuses to join 350,000 other carnival visitors reveling in outdoor activities for “the coolest celebration on earth.”  We layer and bundle and venture out in temperatures that hover at zero degrees.    The carnival is based on a legend of Boreas, the King of the Winds, and his enemy Vulcanus Rex, the God of Fire, battling for spring and summer to overcome the cold of winter.   Lucky for us, Vulcanus Rex and his Vulcan Krewe prevail each year, giving us the promise of warmer weather to come.  There are parades, ice carving and snow sculpture contests, hockey tournaments, sledding, skiing, and a sleigh and cutter rally.  This year’s sleigh and cutter festival was held at the Phalen Park Golf Course and included members of the St. Croix Horse & Carriage Society.  Under crisp, blue skies there were beautiful sleighs, costumed drivers, and stunning horses.  It was easy to lose yourself and be transported back to the late 1800’s or early 1900’s when this was the mode of winter transportation.