um-cows_staatsWhen I was at the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site last summer I was fortunate to have a great housemate, Jess.  A native Iowan (and proud of it!), Jess was a summer park ranger at the Site.  While there we attended  concerts and demo derbies, and explored cemeteries and the Iowa countryside together.  Then this weekend Jess ventured north to the great state of Minnesota.  With a quick tour of the Minneapolis and St. Paul tourist sites we included three urban cows that reside on the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota.  These are grand sculptures — ones that I’ve photographed during the winter when they were blanketed with snow.  This time they seemed quite serene amongst the greening grass, and tame enough to allow us this photo.  Jess – thanks for your visit.  I hope I live my life as enthusiastically as you live yours.