Under the coneflower 50052The heat of summer brings the purple coneflowers into abundant bloom.  And one of the best places to photograph these delights of summer is in my own backyard.  Most photographers understand how important it is to be in close proximity to what you choose to photograph, allowing you to be there when the light changes, when the scene changes, and to observe and “see” the subject in much more detail.  So my backyard is the perfect practice-field for me.  Last night we enjoyed a beautiful evening — nice light, no winds — a perfect setting for photographing.  This bloom was calling to me to sit on the ground and photograph upward, capturing the opacity of the petals, and colors of the entire plant, and to see it from a different perspective.  Little did I know that there was a small insect hiding underneath too, posing just as I snapped the shutter on the camera.