The 2009 Inter-Lake Regatta was held this weekend on White Bear Lake, with eight participating yacht clubs.  This event dates back to the late 1800’s with a challenge regatta between the White Bear Yacht Club and the Minnetonka Yacht Club.   The weather for Saturday’s races was cool and windy with wind gusts between 25 to 30 mph, with clouds and intermittent sun.   We had the good fortune to be welcomed onto a pontoon boat owned by Peggy & Craig, who are both avid sailors and who were very generous in sharing their knowledge and information about the regatta.  Plus, they were able to position their boat  by the finish line, giving us a perfect perspective to see the maneuvering that took place right at the end.  The clouds in the sky and the sun glistening off the lake and illuminating the sails made for some wonderful photographs.  My thanks again to Peggy & Craig for their White Bear Lake hospitality!