Autumn carpet 51484_StaatsThis may have been our last weekend for fall color here in the Twin Cities.  As the past week progressed we had cooler temps, rain, and more wind, culminating in yet another early snowfall on Friday.  With all these conditions the leaves have been falling much more regularly, carpeting the lawns, sidewalks, and streets.  I took a walk along the Mississippi River Road on the Saint Paul side of the River.  The temps were mild and there were many people enjoying the sights and smells of autumn.  Along the path I saw a small grouping of trees that had lost all their red leaves.  At first I was disappointed that I hadn’t seen their vibrant display a few days earlier, and then I realized that the leaves were still just as stunning except that they were carpeting the ground.  By lying down on this lush carpet (and confusing many of the passers-by), I was able to focus on the covering of red and gold and remind myself that sometimes the beauty of fall isn’t just at eye level and on the trees, but is often spread out before us at our feet.