It’s winter outside — the ground is covered in white, the temperature is in the teens.  But this morning I walked into a breath of spring when I visited the McNeely Conservatory in Como Park.  The Winter Flower Show is now on display in the Sunken Garden, and it’s colors and sights are a treat to the eyes as much as its smells and scents are wonderful to experience.  The pinks of the azaleas and the pale whites and yellows of the pansies were a beautiful combination of color — soft and delicate as only spring can be.  In order to create a “softer” feel to this photograph, I placed a piece of plastic wrap over my lens.  It had a wonderful effect of softening the lines and making the image more about the colors and the “feel” of the colors than of the lines of the flowers.  As we deal with the snow storm that’s moving through over the next three days, I’ll easily return to my photos and my memories of the smells and colors of the conservatory garden.