Unbeknownst to me there is a huge annual rugby tournament held in the spring in Wayne, Nebraska.   Seventy-two teams, men and women, converged on the town of Wayne this past weekend for the March Madness Rugby Tournament.  I have a nephew playing on the Kansas State/Fort Riley Rugby Club, and they were scheduled to play in the tournament.  With a drive south from the Twin Cities, we were in the middle of teams from 17 states — a driven and exciting rugby culture.  K-State won their first three games, putting them in the championship game again Bethel University (which happens to be in my home-town of St. Paul).  Although my loyalties were tested, I had to cheer for the K-State Wildcats.  In a close match, K-State prevailed with a final score of 23-21.  Congrats to the team and players, and may your bruises and scrapes heal quickly!