Our spring and warm weather has us all wishing for more of both.  These tulips in our backyard are in full (and beautiful) bloom, although last year they weren’t blooming until after the first of May.  It’s a treat to have green grass and color after our months of winter and white snow.  I have photographed the yellow and red tulips many times (and you may yet see some of those images here).  But today I set a new challenge for myself.  As most photographers know, mid-day is NOT the time to photograph bright flowers in the sunlight.  The colors become washed out and the photos are too bright.  My goal was to see if I could come up with a “good” image taken in the bright sun of mid-day.  What I did find was that I loved the contrast of the blue sky against the red tulips, and by getting down low under the tulips I was able to take advantage of the vibrant red and yet not have the color wash out.  I welcome any comments and thoughts you might have about my final outcome.