Yes, I’m finally earning my Minnesota fishing license this year.  Last week we were catching northern pike on a northern Minnesota lake.  Today we ventured south of the Twin Cities in search of bullheads.  Prior to this I don’t believe I’d even heard of bullheads let alone known what they looked like.  As it turns out, they’re a bottom feeder similar to catfish.  Although they aren’t very big I’ve learned they do like to flop around a lot.  On a beautiful sunny early afternoon we headed out on the lake,  accompanied by pelicans circling overhead.  We paddled our canoe to a likely area for bullhead success.  Within a few minutes we had our first bullhead on the line, followed by another and another.  Our success was measured by  a total of 11 bullheads.  I have yet to eat one so I can’t attest to their flavor, but I can say that the fishing adventure was great fun and a delightful way to spend time in the outdoors on a lovely lake.