With a delightful flourish spring is here!  The past week has been a roller coaster of temperatures, from 39 degrees to 88 degrees, from sun to rain, from thunderstorms and peach-colored skies to clouds of gray.  You name it, we’ve had it, including reports of snow flurries mixed in with the rain of yesterday.  All this moisture with intervals of heat and sun have caused the trees to leaf out, tulips to bloom, lilacs to blossom.  Such a great amount of activity packed into a short time-frame.  When I lived in the Pacific Northwest spring lasted from February through June — probably the longest season of the year.  Now that I’m in Minnesota our spring seems to be anywhere from two weeks to a month long.  We linger in winter, jump through spring and straight into summer.  Our spring days are presently filled with the sounds of birds chirping and lawn mowers being started.  Neighbors are getting reacquainted after the cold winter.   People are walking, running, biking – anything to be outside.  Our backyard has become filled with color — green leaves and grass, yellow and red tulips, and the deep burgundy of the new peony shoots.  It’s a joy to be outside to take it all in.