One of the most anticipated events of spring is the blooming of lilacs.  Although their bloom time is short it is one that is noticeable throughout our area.  All along the alleys, highways, and even interstates, lilacs are used as buffers to noise.  They can grow to be huge bushes, towering way over the houses, with their blooms stretching upwards into the sky.  We took our canoe out for a short paddle and fishing adventure one evening this past week.  By the time we returned to the house the sun had set and the night had become very still.  The air temperature was warm and moist from the rains of earlier in the day.  As we unloaded our canoe and gear we were surrounded by the sweet smell of the lilacs that was lingering in the night air.  It was delightful and memorable, and I made a point to cut some of the lilacs to bring into the house, trying to extend the time and appreciation of their short-lived spring scent.