I’ve been trying to understand why I am drawn to photographing flowers when there are so many other things that one could use as a photographic subject.  Flowers are generally available, although in Minnesota they are not in their “own” environment during our snowy winter months, but can be found in the humidity and warmth of a conservatory or a floral shop.  Yet just because a particular flower is blooming does not mean that a beautiful photograph can be made of it.  The best conclusion I have come to is that I am drawn to color — the bright colors, the subtle colors, the hues and shades, and the combinations of multiples colors together.  This photo is of a plant that many people would not even consider growing for its beauty — catmint.  It can become big and it can become floppy.  And yet in its own way it is a beautiful combination of shades of lavender and purple.  Today I found this stand of catmint near some salmon-colored poppies.  The two seemed to be subtly and beautifully complimenting each other in the soft and wonderful way that only nature can provide.