A couple of weeks ago I wrote about memories and the ability of something or someone to bring an avalanche of thoughts and feelings to the forefront of one’s mind.  In the past week and a half our yard has been filled with the sweet scent of peonies in full bloom.  The blooms has been so large and heavy that they have weighted down the long stems of the plants, causing some of them to droop all the way to the lawn.  Unfortunately their blooms and aromas are short-lived, and yet maybe that’s one of the reasons they are so appreciated when they are in their full bloom.  My parents have always had peonies in their yard and I’ve been lucky to bring a couple of their plants here to Minnesota to add to our yard.  Needless to say, my memories of peonies include my mom and dad, as well as their parents whose gardens and yards also were filled with peonies.  It’s a delight and an honor for me to be able to continue this tradition.