I was doing some garden work this weekend – pruning flowers, pulling weeds, and trying to tidy up a summer’s worth of growth.  We’ve had an unusually wet summer which has allowed some plants to grow like weeds (and even the weeds have been growing prolifically too!).  As I was going about my work I was surprised to find this grasshopper sitting and watching all I was doing.  He didn’t attempt to jump away, but rather he seemed content to be out in the open and observing.  He had a great place to sit, perched on the head of the black-eyed susan.  It’s always fun to find creatures in the garden, whether it’s grasshoppers, bees, butterflies, or even the occasional dried shell left behind by a cicada.  Within a few weeks many of the creatures will have left the area in preparation for fall and then winter.  And hopefully my pruning will be done and the garden beds will be put to rest and covered before the first snowfall.