While the east coast is digging out from its blanket of white, we’ve been enjoying a prolonged and beautiful fall.  Many of the trees have lost their leaves and yet some are just now coming into their brilliant last burst of color.  One of the best things about this year’s prolonged autumn is that you don’t have to drive far to see the colors — they’re in the neighborhood parks and up and down the streets.  And with some sunny blue-sky days like we had last week it was the perfect time to get out for some photographing.  This image is from a small park three blocks from our home.  The sun was low in the sky about a half hour before sunset when I stopped by the park.  Although this single leaf is tattered it was putting on its own brilliant display of fall colors.  I’m not sure if the leaf was still there the next day as we had some gusty winds that brought much of the color down to the ground, but for this one evening this leaf was there to be appreciated and photographed.