Winter dining 70480_StaatsWinter has arrived, in all her glory.  It started snowing during the night and has continued all day.  From a dusting, to a few inches, to piles, it’s still continuing to fall and grace our landscape.  I ventured out this morning when we had about three to four inches.  The landscape was beautiful with the snow outlining the trees and structures.  Everything was graced in a beautiful white coat.  I went to the horticulture garden on the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota.  In the spring and summer it’s filled with the bright and bold colors of flowers, blooming shrubs, and vegetables.  There are small tables and chairs that invite people to stop and linger and to enjoy the surroundings.  Today I had the garden to myself, however the tables and chairs still seemed to be calling for people to pause and marvel at the beauty in the garden. Although not the summer colors, I was pleased to find the red berries and twigs, the golds of the grasses, the greens in the shrubs, and the dark textures of the trees – all a welcome contrast to the white coating of snow.