River and ice reflection of St Paul 7D_0917I awoke on the first day of spring, stepped outside, and inhaled. Brrrrrrr; the temperature was 4 degrees and all the hairs on the inside of my nose froze.  As I looked around, the landscape was knee-deep in snow.  There was nary a blade of grass to be seen or a flower shoot to encourage to grow, but there was a blue sky above and a bright sun shining.  Spring (as commonly defined with blooming trees, flowers, and green grass) has not physically arrived in Minnesota yet…we remain hopeful.  Rather than post another photo of snow, I went searching for evidence that we were at least starting the transition from winter to spring.  I headed to the Mississippi River in downtown Saint Paul where I joyfully found it is not frozen solid, but the water is actually flowing in this area.  There were chunks of ice drifting by on their journey southward from our cold northern climes.  As I stopped and listened I could hear geese calling and I saw ducks flying into the open water.  And there was also a hint of warmth in the bright sunshine.  Soon our snow will be gone and we will see green grass and green leaves and know that spring truly has arrived.