Alex 27044_StaatsOne of the very hardest things to do is to say goodbye to a pet, especially one that’s been a part of your life for over 17 years.  This past week I had to do that with my cat Alex.  We have been through a lot together over the years and he was always there to welcome me with a nudge and a purr.  At times he could be quite shy, especially around people he wasn’t familiar with.  But once he accepted you he was a great friend who loved to be close to you.  He was also my most serious-looking cat, although there was a great glimmer of excitement whenever the catnip came out for a treat.  He wasn’t one that liked to pose for photos, so I always felt fortunate when I could get an image that seemed to capture his personality.  His friendship and his loving nature we be missed…. Thanks, Alex.