Mom and me 1960_StaatsIt’s Mother’s Day and I’m thinking of my mother;  how lucky I’ve been to have her in my entire life, even today.  I look at this photo from 1960 and I can see her love, her support, her caring, and her pride.  I’m guessing it was Easter-time because of the frilly dress and hat and patent-leather shoes.  What were my mother’s dreams for me?  And have I lived up to those?  I’m living a full life, surrounded with family and friends.  I’ve had my mis-steps in life like everyone and I’ve managed to pick myself up and keep going, learning in the process.  I’ve gone to school to be educated and I’ve learned life lessons outside of the classroom that I’m carrying with me each day.  I’m developing the artistic heritage that my mother has passed down to me; her artwork inspires my photography and her sewing lessons (along with those of both my grandmothers) have carried through to my quilting and even into my photography.  I approach each day with a positive attitude, open to the possibilities of great and beautiful things that can happen.  Her love has remained steady and she’s one of my biggest fans and supporters.  Happy Mother’s Day, Mom – today and everyday!