Whtie & purple lilacs 7D_1731 _StaatsSpring is here.  Abundantly.  Everywhere we have flowering trees in bloom, tulips that are reaching upward toward the sunlight, and leaves that have burst forth.  But one of my favorite blooms (and scents) of spring are the lilacs.  We are fortunate to have them throughout the Twin Cities; not only do they grace yards and alleys, but they are also planted along the highways, streets, and county roads.  On a warm and sunny day it’s a delight to drive along a road edged with lilacs and have their wonderful light scent float into the car.  We have both the purple and white lilacs in our yard.  Because of their delicateness and short life-span once they’ve been cut, I find I cherish them even more.  Soon the blooms will be gone and the bushes covered with full leaves.  But for now I will revel in their beauty and smell of everything spring!