Dad & me 1960_StaatsHappy Father’s Day to my dad.  I’m so fortunate that he’s been one of my biggest supporters throughout my life.  This photo from 1960 brings back memories of love, caring, adventures, and great times.   He was the one that built a great playhouse for me, complete with French doors.  And he was the one that bought the old upright piano that I first took lessons on, and even took the time to strip all the paint off and refinish it.  Dad took me ice skating, developed my love of the outdoors through camping and fishing, took me canoeing, and even bought me a horse when I was a young teenager.  My dad persevered with me trying to overcome my barrier to math story problems; for hours he kept his patience and worked with me until finally the light bulb went off in my head. So many experiences I’ve had, and so many lessons I’ve learned from Dad, and continue to do so even today.  Happy Father’s Day, Dad – and thanks for helping to shape me into the woman I am today!