Paper birch of winter_StaatsWinter made a comeback this week with a snowfall in the early morning hours.  Fighting the slow traffic with the other commuters, I decided to get off the highway and visit a small local arboretum in Roseville – Central Park.  I waited to park the car as the snow plow operator made his carefully practiced swipes of the lot, clearing the area in short time.  I then had the quiet and the stillness of the park to myself.    The landscape was white in all directions until I walked past a grouping of paper birch trees.  Their peeling bit of color provided a contrast to all the snow.  The birches and the small twigs seemed to be sentinels of winter with their watch over the cold and snow.  In the distance I heard a single Canada goose honking as he took to the air, and somewhere a cardinal was welcoming the day.  I then heard something I couldn’t recognize. Turning around I saw a cyclist winding his way down the path, leaving a single line of tire tracks in the fresh snow.