About Linda

A bit about me–
I am passionate about living a full life and a life full.  My intention is to live each day with interest and joy.  I want to find the beauty and uniqueness that seems to surround us, even in the places and surroundings that we see every day.  When I took up photography in later life, I found the world opened up to me.  There were so many places I hadn’t truly “seen” and appreciated, yet with a camera in my hands I was seeing them with fresh eyes and new interests.  I believe there is beauty everywhere — from the rugged coasts and mountains of Washington State where I once lived to the open prairies and blue lakes of my current home state of Minnesota.  With this blog I hope to share with you some of what I see and some of my experiences and thoughts — nothing too long or verbose, but some short musings.  And if along the way I cause you to stop and look at something from a different perspective or to approach something in a different way then we have both enhanced our journeys here.

If you’re interested in more of my photography, please visit my website at www.LindaStaatsPhoto.com.

One thought on “About Linda

  1. Jing September 29, 2015 / 8:43 pm

    Linda, this’s Jing. Bravo! Your pictures impressed me. You have the eyes that catch beauty of nature.

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