A tulip presence 9170_StaatsThe in-between season of spring — when we hope for the colors that were vacant in winter.  Spring in Minnesota is volatile, swinging from snow to rain to warm to cold.  We’ve experienced it all this past week, but we also know that spring will prevail and color will return.  I was craving some of that color and resorted to store-bought tulips (since the ones in the ground are barely one-inch shoots right now).  Every time I walked by the tulips I was reminded that spring will come, that warmth is around the corner, and that the Easter tradition of hope remains a part of us.


Peeps upclose_StaatsToday is Easter — a celebration of hope, spring, and renewal.  So many things come to mind when I think of Easter, but one that brings a smile to my face are Peeps.  With their sugar-coating, the beady eyes and pointed beaks, these purple peeps remind me of the child-like wonder that made Easter so special when we were young.  My Easter and spring wish for you is a renewal of that hope and wonder we all search for at this time of year.

Easter and spring are times of renewal and new beginnings, and so often surprises too.  This past week we were greeted one morning with a two-inch snowfall (winter just hasn’t wanted to let go of us yet).  However as quickly as it turned cold, it also turned warm today, just in time for Easter.  With yellow sunshine, green grass, and the promise of blooming flowers, everyone’s moods were brightened and I’m sure many Easter egg hunts were the merrier because of it.