Although I’m not a big fan of new year’s resolutions, I’ve made two resolutions for 2011.  The first is to continue to post to this blog every week, so you can all stay tuned for new photographs throughout the year.  My second resolution is to have more fun in 2011.  It’s way too easy to get bogged down with the details and worries of daily life, and it’s not good and/or healthy to stress over them.  So my answer to that is to enjoy and appreciate each day, and with that to have more fun.  And what better way to begin the year than with the mascot of the University of Minnesota, Goldy Gopher!  We attended the Gopher hockey match on New Year’s Eve, and had a grand time.  A good game, with lots of great puck handling and passes, but unfortunately our Gophers lost in overtime.  But I made sure to have my picture taken with Goldy.  Who can resist a golden gopher with a great big smile, and a Happy New Year tiara to boot!