And just like that, spring is here.  We’ve gone from brown to green within one week.  Some spring rain showers, bright sunshine, and warm temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s have caused spring to burst forth in Minnesota.  Grass is now green, and the trees and shrubs are bursting with their leaf buds.  Green shoots are visible from the warming soil, and I have even seen some daffodils that are blooming.  Our lilac bush has opened its tight buds into the warm air.  And luckily the snowfall predicted for this weekend did not appear.  Quickly our landscape will continue to change.

The lilac bushes has blossomed out, and their sweet smell lingers in the air.  We’re fortunate to have both white and purple lilacs.  Throughout the neighborhood there are lilac bushes and hedges, and some are over 10 feet tall.  Their colors and delicateness are noticeable.  After the heavy rain from a day ago, the alley was littered with white and purple petals scattered on the ground.  As short-lived as their blooming season is, it makes me appreciate their beauty and their scent even more.

Lilacs 12914_StaatsNot only has spring blossomed into our visual senses, but it has now spread its delightful scents throughout the air.  With a few days of warming temperatures the lilacs quickly burst into bloom.  How wonderful to be stopped in my tracks when their scent was being carried by the light breeze across the yard!  To me, that is the true sign of spring’s arrival and the dismissal of the dark of winter.

White lilacs_Staats-9590We’re fortunate to have both purple and white lilacs surrounding our yard.  With some recent rain and higher humidity levels the air has been heavy with the sweet smell of the lilacs.  Knowing how short-lived their blossoms are, I cut some and brought into the house.  This old pink hobnail glass pitcher that had been my mother’s seems the perfect vessel to hold them and let them release their fragrance throughout the house.

Whtie & purple lilacs 7D_1731 _StaatsSpring is here.  Abundantly.  Everywhere we have flowering trees in bloom, tulips that are reaching upward toward the sunlight, and leaves that have burst forth.  But one of my favorite blooms (and scents) of spring are the lilacs.  We are fortunate to have them throughout the Twin Cities; not only do they grace yards and alleys, but they are also planted along the highways, streets, and county roads.  On a warm and sunny day it’s a delight to drive along a road edged with lilacs and have their wonderful light scent float into the car.  We have both the purple and white lilacs in our yard.  Because of their delicateness and short life-span once they’ve been cut, I find I cherish them even more.  Soon the blooms will be gone and the bushes covered with full leaves.  But for now I will revel in their beauty and smell of everything spring!

One of my favorite flowers of spring are the lilacs.  Throughout Minnesota you see them everywhere — as small bushes, fences, and even tall hedges.  They can be trimmed to remain small or they can be allowed to grow to the size of trees.  They line the sides of many of our highways and roads, and when they’re in full bloom (as they are right now) they are beautiful.  They range in color from white to pale purple to a deep, dark shade of purple – almost burgundy.  And if you’re lucky to be riding your bike alongside a hedge of lilacs their scent will descend over you and fill you with the smell of the very best that spring has to offer.

One of the most anticipated events of spring is the blooming of lilacs.  Although their bloom time is short it is one that is noticeable throughout our area.  All along the alleys, highways, and even interstates, lilacs are used as buffers to noise.  They can grow to be huge bushes, towering way over the houses, with their blooms stretching upwards into the sky.  We took our canoe out for a short paddle and fishing adventure one evening this past week.  By the time we returned to the house the sun had set and the night had become very still.  The air temperature was warm and moist from the rains of earlier in the day.  As we unloaded our canoe and gear we were surrounded by the sweet smell of the lilacs that was lingering in the night air.  It was delightful and memorable, and I made a point to cut some of the lilacs to bring into the house, trying to extend the time and appreciation of their short-lived spring scent.