Car reflections_Staats-10029Living close to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds has its definite perks, one of which is being able to share in the excitement of the events and the people who attend them.  This weekend was the Minnesota Street Rod Association’s Back to the 50’s celebration.  The neighborhood has been filled will classic cars from before 1964.  And it’s a great opportunity to photograph the colors and vehicles.  I wandered from red to orange to yellow to blue to maroon – all in shiny finishes that picked up the reflections of the other cars around.  At 9:00am as I was intent on photographing one lovely yellow Bel Air, the PA announcer came on to welcome the 11,500+ registrants for this year’s event.  He then introduced the person to sing our National Anthem.  All cars stopped, all engines were turned off, and everyone paused.  When the singer was done, it is was back to the excitement and the colors that are hallmarks of this event.

Sunrise over frost & ice 3920_StaatsOur temperatures have been dropping at night causing the sloughs and lakes to begin their ice-over.  It isn’t thick by any means, but it is the start of our shift from fall to winter.  I’ve always enjoyed the reflections of trees and horizons in water, and the change over to ice gives these same reflections a much different look.  The lines are softer and more muted, and until our lakes are snow-covered the reflections can sometimes be almost mirror-like.  On this morning two days ago, the sun was burning through the cold temperatures and the heavy frost causing the landscape to glow in the early light.