The lilac bushes has blossomed out, and their sweet smell lingers in the air.  We’re fortunate to have both white and purple lilacs.  Throughout the neighborhood there are lilac bushes and hedges, and some are over 10 feet tall.  Their colors and delicateness are noticeable.  After the heavy rain from a day ago, the alley was littered with white and purple petals scattered on the ground.  As short-lived as their blooming season is, it makes me appreciate their beauty and their scent even more.


One of my favorite flowers of spring are the lilacs.  Throughout Minnesota you see them everywhere — as small bushes, fences, and even tall hedges.  They can be trimmed to remain small or they can be allowed to grow to the size of trees.  They line the sides of many of our highways and roads, and when they’re in full bloom (as they are right now) they are beautiful.  They range in color from white to pale purple to a deep, dark shade of purple – almost burgundy.  And if you’re lucky to be riding your bike alongside a hedge of lilacs their scent will descend over you and fill you with the smell of the very best that spring has to offer.