The heat and humidity built throughout the day.  As evening approached the sun and blue skies gave way to towering white thunderhead clouds to the south.  Quickly the darker clouds moved in, the sky took on an eerie gun-metal gray and gold, and the wind grew still.  I wandered through the cornfields watching and listening.  In a short period of time there was lightning in the area.  I erred on the side of caution and decided a woman with a tripod in the middle of a cornfield with lightning around was not a good idea.  Within minutes of that decision, the winds picked up and the rain came down.


Storm clouds at sunset_10297 StaatsYesterday started with a gray cloud cover and comfortable temps.  As the day wore on, the sun broke through and the heat started to build.  Planning to take advantage of near-perfect fishing weather, we drove north about 50 miles to East Rush Lake.  We enjoyed a dinner in the boat between pulling in sunfish and crappies, and I was looking forward to the sunset.  Slowly, to the west, we could see storm clouds moving in, leaving a clear demarcation in the sky — blue sky white clouds and sunshine being taken over by dark gray and purple with white clouds developing within.  Our timing was perfect; we made our way across the lake to the boat landing, trailered the boat, and then watched the far shore as the lightning and rain moved across the lake.

After the rainstorm_StaatsYesterday dawned as a beautiful day – sunny and warm, with almost a feel of summer’s return.  But late in the afternoon a front moved through, changing our blue skies to dark with rain and strong winds that moved across the area rapidly.  After the storm, the sun returned and we opted to go to the University of Minnesota Gopher women’s soccer match.  As we walked to the stadium, I looked to the east where the soon-to-be-setting sun was illuminating the storm clouds that had moved through our area.  The golden sweep of the clouds was contrasted with the cool blue of the clearing sky, reminding me of the beauty of nature and also the quickness with which it can change.